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Mediumship in the 21st Century

By:Kev Moores
Date: Mon,20 Sep 2010

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Today I read an article that was posted on this site titled spirit trance and was deeply horrified by one of its replies. The author of the title explained that her friend was experiencing trance and was aware of what was being said whilst in this state of consciousness. She also went onto explain that her friend was also practising what I can only presume would be trance healing. After reading some of the advice posted in the replies, which I felt was good, as they told her to seek guidance from a spiritualist church I was mortified at reading the following post.

“Your friend is not going into trance, actually no one deeds to go into trance today as the movement from the earth's ascension gives the ability to make contact without the need for trance. The word trance is misunderstood, you say your friend is aware of what she is saying, and if she was in trance she would not. What is happening is she is linking into the Akashic records (I am sure you have heard of these) The word Akashic is a Hebrew word which means " held" All past thoughts and ideas are held within the earth's atmosphere and are easily reached by all who are sensitive enough, your friend is obviously allowing this to happen, and by not allowing it!”

How could anyone be so naive to disregard that trance and physical mediumship does not take place in the 21st century?? The naivety of some people really does frustrate oneself and make you question the true worth of the individual that replies with such ignorance. Not once since I’ve been on this journey have I knocked or disregarded any part of spiritualism or metaphysics......I replied to the above post with the following reply

“I can’t honestly understand your ignorance towards trance and physical mediumship in the 21st century......your naivety somewhat disturbs me. We are forever on a journey of learning and understanding. The soul has to evolve! Where was it you have gained all the information that you preach???? a book?? Where did that information within the book come from?? What author wrote it and where did he obtain it. Trance mediumship and physical mediumship is very much alive today and it is needed for the likes of yourself to evolve and and gain more knowledge and understanding. Ascended masters come through to enlighten us about such things as akashic records! To disregard trance and say that it is not needed today is so very wrong.....perhaps you have not had the chance to sit in a closed circle and witness these teachings. I feel that someone like yourself should know better as to say this? Why have you, I don’t understand? Maybe you should open your eyes a little more and see the bigger picture....each aspect to do with spiritualism or metaphysics has its own place in a giant jig saw puzzle which all links together! I’m not being disrespectful as we all have our opinions but please just stand back and ..............look? “

Mediumship has many shapes and forms and you don’t have to be linking in with spirit or provide evidence to work in a spiritual way. My only wish at this moment in time is that people are made aware that there is so much more to understand and know.....each one of us has something to bring to the table and to take away from the table so that we can continue to learn.....if we did not share our knowledge and understandings then how would we ever make progress? Closed circles are very much alive today but because of narrow minded people those that do genuinely have a desire to know more of the subject do not often get to witness the phenomena.

Therefore people who are at their spiritual wakening don’t have anyone around them to offer good advice and guidance often resulting in frustration or mediumship being practiced in a negative manner was invited to sit in a closed circle which had not had a new members in 18 years.....they now sit for me as spirit continues to work with me as an instrument to communicate as it did when it very first it has in the past, as it does in the present and as it will continue to do in the future.....don’t be blinkered by self denial. It does happen as do all these other types of mediumship.

There are a number of different forms or types of spiritual mediumship and channelling. They may be broadly classified under either mental mediumship or physical mediumship. Mental mediumship as the term suggests relies upon the mind or mental processes for the purposes of communication with spirit beings. It may only be the individual spiritual medium of channeler who is aware of the communication, though it is possible for a number of mediums to simultaneously connect with the same spirit. Forms or types of mental mediumship include: clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience and trance mediumship. Physical mediumship involves the production of physical phenomena which can be experienced through one or more of the physical human senses by all present. Examples of physical mediumship are: transfiguration and independent or direct voice. However, there are a wide range of other physical phenomena which may be produced through physical mediumship e.g.: apports, materialisation, movement of objects, lights, touches.

We will look at each of the different forms or types of spiritual mediumship below:

Mental Mediumship


In the case of clairvoyance the medium or channeler receives images as the means of communication. These may be images in the mind's eye of the medium or less frequently the medium may actually see a spirit person or object as if they are actually viewing them with their physical eye. In the latter case it is possible that the spirit is connecting with the visual mechanism within the medium's brain rather than the source of the image being in the actual external environment. The final images that we see of people and objects in the everyday world, after all, are a construction of the brain. But the spirit person will appear to the medium as if they are in the external environment. However, this explanation is speculative. No one is likely to be able to come to a definitive answer to this in the near future. For whatever reasons, spirit communications about the precise details of the mechanisms of mediumship can at times be vague or conflicting.

Through clairvoyance the spiritual medium or channeler may see a spirit person, object, scene or symbol. If they see a person conveying the information it is a little more straight forward though they may still experience the usual difficulties of describing a person who isn't present to someone else. The process can be complicated by the fact that the spirit seeking contact may not be that familiar to the person who they are wishing to communicate with. For instance a young person coming for a sitting may only be vaguely aware of the details of the family relative who is now trying to contact then from the Spirit World, and may not have any clear memory of how they appeared when living on the physical plane. You may wonder why the spirit bothers to try in such a situation. In my experience if an opportunity is on offer and it is important enough for the spirit person to attempt communication, they will try. It may be that it is not specifically the young person with whom they want to communicate. They hope perhaps that the person will relay their experience to other family members.

A further complication which can occur which was frequently experienced by the famous psychic artist Coral Polge is that relatives or friends in spirit may frequently present a more youthful image of themselves than they appeared during their latter years on the earth. Sometimes this may be because they wish to assure their relative or friend on the earth plane that they are well and happy. Coral Polge also wondered if at times there could be a little bit of vanity involved. Whatever the reason she found at times that this could cause some difficulty in the relative or friend recognising the person.

In the case of other images the medium will of necessity be more actively involved in their interpretation. Preferably they can relay the image to the person who they think is the recipient of the communication and the person may be able to interpret the image for themselves. However, it is likely that the medium or channeler will become more involved at some point and this interpretation of the meaning of images can give rise to many difficulties. It is particularly so in the case of symbols. Some have a fairly commonly held meaning, but many can be interpreted in different ways influenced by the experiences and memories of each individual person. Our own spirit group tell us that spirits experiment with using symbols with mediums to see how they interpret them in order that they can then refine the process of communication. However, at times they may give a symbol aimed more at the recipient's manner of interpretation than the medium's. As with all forms of mediumship it is a transaction or interaction between at least three parties. The process of communication at times may have more the feel of a game of charades rather than a clear dialogue.

Images can also be used to facilitate the process. For example some mediums or channellers may see a light or words or some other sign above or to the side of the intended recipient to facilitate identification of the person whom the message is intended for.


With clairaudience the spiritual medium or channeler hears voices or other sounds and this is the means of communication. As with clairvoyance the medium may hear the sounds either within their mind or as if with their physical ear. When sounds such as music and other noises occur there can again be issues around interpretation in a similar way to clairvoyance.

A spiritual medium or channeler who works through clairsentience senses a spirit presence. This may occur in a variety of ways: a general sensing of a presence, sensing an emotion, changes in temperature, breezes, a feeling of cobwebs on the face, a smell, scent or fragrance. The vagueness of some of these impressions can make the process more difficult. However, sensing that a person's grandmother is present along with an awareness of the favourite scent which she used to use can be very evidential. Our Spirit Mentor Jacob has playfully called this ability to notice smells of various kinds "olifactience".

Trance Mediumship / Communication

Trance mediumship / communication occurs where the spiritual medium is able to withdraw within and disengage to a point from conscious control of their mind thus allowing it to function under the influence of a spirit communicator. You will find that some authors try to make distinctions between, overshadowing, light trance, or deep trance, or some such similar terms in an effort to distinguish between different levels of trance control. While the level of trance control does vary such terms and distinctions are only useful up to a point and can convey a mistaken impression that we can distinguish between these levels of trance in some definitive way and that there is an inherent difference in the quality of the communication.

However, it is generally accepted that when a spiritual medium is in deep trance they will not be consciously aware of the content of the communication while they have been in trance. The level of trance can however vary even for a deep trance medium during any one trance session. While it is to be hoped that there will be less interference from the medium's mind in deep trance there is also no reason to suppose that there is any more guarantee of the accuracy of the communication in the case of a deep trance medium. Whatever the level of trance the spirit communicators have to work through the medium's mental processes, conscious and unconscious. Our own principal Spirit Guide Hai has said that the best guarantee of accuracy and a free flow of communication is for the medium to put aside their own ego and pre-conceptions and to be non-attached in relation to the content of the communications.

The process involved in trance mediumship essentially involves a blending of energies; those of the medium with those of the spirit communicator. The blending may vary in degree and intensity. The spirit communicator does not necessarily enter the physical space of the medium's body but can work through the medium's aura. However close the spirit approaches it is misleading to use such terms as "direct control". Whatever happens is with the permission of the medium and such terms can lead to a mistaken impression of the medium being "taken over" in some way. From the point of view of the audience it is easy to see how they may feel that the medium, in a medium to deep trance, has "gone" and they are talking directly to another person with different mannerisms, gestures, gender, age, tone of voice, accent, etc and to an extent this feel of the situation is correct.

However, the actual process involved is a lot less direct than it appears. Hai, our principal Spirit Guide has given us numerous analogies over the years to try to help us describe the process. He has described it as a process of influencing the medium's physical body rather than controlling it and has made comparisons with a puppeteer pulling the strings of a puppet (the pulling of the strings may not always achieve the intended result). Other images have been two computer systems working in tandem (i.e.: the spirit and the medium) each having its own influence. And perhaps the most telling was the image of the spirit communicator pressing on a rubber wall from one side and the results being seen by the audience on the other side of the wall i.e.: in the behaviour and communication coming through the medium. Hai has basically said that spirit communicators ultimately influence the primitive nervous system of the medium's physical body in order to produce the observed results.

A small minority of witnesses of trance mediumship are sometimes a little nervous at first. This is often due to the mistaken perception of the medium being fully "taken over" by a spirit and the associated feelings of uncertainty as to what to expect, especially if the person is sitting in the near vicinity of the medium. Horror movies indulging in flights of fantasy have further fuelled superstitious beliefs and fears. The reality is that the experience soon has a very natural and normal feel and becomes a friendly conversation amongst friends. The spirit communicators are good humoured, loving, and have a sense of fun. They enjoy interacting with people. It is just like having a conversation with anyone else, though they are generally more loving, patient and tolerant than the average person.

What is important is for the participants to retain their objectivity and discernment. When listening to a spirit who is evidently an evolved being there is perhaps a potential danger of drifting into hanging on their every word or attempting to seek inappropriate guidance about personal life. Hai has always stressed the sanctity of human self-determination and neither he nor any of the other communicators has ever tried to tell people what they should do. They have helped people think about issues and to try to achieve clearer self-understanding but then stressed that they must make the decision. They say that it is this ability to make our own choices and decisions in relation to the situations we face which is one of the key benefits of our life. Furthermore, as we have said before, Hai has always told us to test everything, including his own utterances, against the "ring of truth". He says that we have been given our reason and we have the responsibility to use it.

In the early stages of spirit communicators beginning to work with a medium in trance as the energies blend it can be that the medium's body will shudder or go into contortions. Hai has sometimes compared this to the gears of a car not quite meshing. However, after a while the process of blending becomes smoother and these signs will recede. They possibly may recur occasionally, usually in milder form, if a new communicator works through the medium until such time as both become accustomed to this new blending. Inspirational or Inspired Speaking is sometimes also included under trance mediumship but it is debatable how far the person is in a trance state. The words that they utter generally pop into their minds just before they are spoken and therefore this form of mediumship perhaps has more in common with clairaudience than with trance mediumship.

Inspirational or Inspired Writing is again also sometimes included under trance mediumship but it is again debatable how far the person is in a trance state. As in the case of Inspirational or Inspired Speaking this form of mediumship perhaps has more in common with clairaudience than with trance mediumship.

In the case of Automatic Writing the medium will sit holding a pen/pencil with paper before them will then, and the spirit communicator will influence the reflex muscles their hand sometimes at great speed to convey their communication onto the paper. Whole books have been written in this way. The medium may be oblivious of the content of the communication until she/he reads it at the end. Geraldine Cummins is one example of a famous automatic writing medium. Again it is possible that in the case of automatic writing the medium may not enter a clearly observable trance though some will enter a trance state to some degree.

What is Physical Mediumship?

Physical mediumship is the process whereby someone, in Spirit, usually known as a spirit operator (as compared to a spirit communicator), works or operates through the mental AND physical energies of the medium and causes something physical to happen on the Earth plane. Physical mediumship is objective in nature; that is, when the phenomena occur, everyone is able to see and/or hear them.

Physical mediumship was more popular in Victorian times and the early twentieth century, although it is still practiced today. Physical mediumship involves the manipulation and transformation of physical systems and energies. The spirit operators can produce physical manifestations of both the entity and psychic energy upon the Earth plane. They may produce physical objects; they may produce ectoplasm that can take the shape of the entity. What it is that actually happens varies with the style of mediumship involved, but the results can be seen and heard by others. Physical mediumship should only be practised in properly controlled environments with the correct supervision and safeguards in place to ensure the safety of the medium.

The energy used by spirit is a lot greater in this form of communication than with mental mediumship. In most cases a medium goes into deep trance (there are different levels of trance) for the spirit to work through them. The spirit will use the mediums body, and it should be stressed here that the medium is not possessed by the spirit and should be in control at all times.
The types of Physical phenomenon usually encountered are Transfiguration, Ectoplasm, "Voice Trumpets", Materialisation and Apports.


Here the face of a spirit person can be seen on formed over the mediums face. The correct use of lighting is necessary as shadows can appear making people think they have seen someone that really isn't there. The faces can be very clear at times, with the mediums face completely disappearing.

Direct Voice

Objects called trumpets are used for this type of communication; they are conical shaped objects with holes at both ends. The trumpet is placed in the centre of the circle of people present, when the atmosphere is right for spirit they will make the trumpet float in the air and use it for communication. The sound is created from an artificial throat box formed from ectoplasm and comes from the pointed end of the trumpet.


This form of mediumship allows the spirit to control the mediums body for communication. This could mean using not only the voice box but also moving various parts of the body. There are various stages of trance from slight over shadowing to full deep trance where the medium seems to be asleep. Whilst in trance the medium will be aware of spirit around them, and will communicate all that is told to them without interaction of their own thoughts. Deep trance is obviously better for this as the medium is not aware of what is being said by the spirit to those present. The medium should be in no danger if the session is correctly overseen and controlled.


An Apport is a physical object bought through by spirit usually to the group of people sitting for communication. The objects can be almost anything from flowers, books, jewellery and even money usually coins (usually small denomination values, remember financial wealth is not important to spirit). People do not usually sit for the purpose of bringing apports through, they just happen during a séance or closed circle if the spirit wishes to do so for whatever reason.

Take care as, light and laughter....kev
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ann marsden said:

Mediumship is nothing less than communicating with SpiritCould you possibly tell me where all these myriad ways of contacting. Spirit are? I am puzzled that you are dismissing a. a Spiritual dimension. which began with the Universe. No matter what your beliefs about DNA please be careful as to how you put over things because you might find someone more expert than you and you will end up with egg on your face. Do not use the Ouija board that is not a good way to contact Spirit
Mon,14 Apr 2014,18:09:41 GMT

johneblums said:

Many so-called 'experts' on clairevoyancy have yet much to learn about the myriad forms of communication with the spirit realm and the multiple levels of spirituality which we are 'embedded' in. Our divine genetic DNA-Aura holds all our eternal arkashic information so we do not need to access any external sources, though this can be felt as 'deja vu' at certain places. When all our earthly and celestial chakras have been fully activated, our auric bodies become totally integrated with the cosmic spirit matrix like an internet, and we can receive communications instantaneously in a timeless reference in thoughts, dreams, in media, visions, writing, art, music, etc.
Fri,24 Sep 2010,15:49:42 GMT
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