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Stepping Into the New Reality: Questions & Answers

By:Karen Bishop
Date: Sun,16 Nov 2008

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While posting the latest questions and answers from the Stepping Into the New Reality, it occurred to me that one question and answer in particular clearly related to what is occurring for many of us now. Many are finding themselves in very challenging spaces right now...I know because I am one of them! I would love to share with you the reasons and explanations for our current space. Although at times, things are manifesting quite easily and rapidly now, this current transition was a real doozy.

Questions and Answers below:

Life in the Higher Realms
Stepping Into the New Reality
Questions & Answers
November 15 , 2008

1. Firstly, is it normal to have families splitting up? I seem to be going in one direction, my husband in another and my children in yet another (to stay with their father), and it feels like the right thing to do and somewhat out of our control, although still very difficult.

These can be such challenging times indeed. So often, the ascension process seems to stretch us further than we believe we can possibly stretch. Like energies always stay in the company of like energies. Most likely, your family members are vibrating at different levels than you. In addition, as with like energies congregating together, energies will attract each other according to their soul “assignment” as well. But in the end, we are all always able to stay connected through the higher vibration of love, even though our journeys may separate us in some ways.

The higher we begin to vibrate, the more we operate and exist at soul levels…and at soul levels, our connections are at much higher levels and for very different reasons.

Secondly, my twins are on the autistic spectrum. I have read about crystal/indigo children and autism, does it have implications in ascension?

I don’t know much about the labels you describe, but I have had experience with autistic children. They are truly awesome indeed. They literally have one foot in one dimension and another foot in another dimension…much like us now! Autistic children are easy for higher vibrating individuals to interact with because they are at more similar levels and they can “see” each other. Autistic children are here to bridge the gap by holding a line of connection between dimensions. This is why the incidence of autism has skyrocketed in recent years. Our new children, or those you refer to as crystals and indigos, have a bit of a different purpose. More information about them can be found in an answer further along in this Questions & Answers section.

2. Do you believe the masses will wake up prior to 2012? I wonder how so many can awaken to the higher realms in such a short period of time. How can this happen?

Our ascension process is very much a see-saw process. We have made tremendous progress since 2000. Small critical masses begin to form, they reach out energetically and embrace more individuals, larger critical masses then form, and so forth. In this way, a snowball effect occurs and eventually, anything coming into contact with the new whole will have no choice but to become what the whole is embodying or it will depart. 2012 is simply a benchmark indicating that a time has now been reached for a new reality to begin…it will be supported by planetary vibrations and alignments at that time. It will indicate that enough of the masses are now ready for this new reality. This is why so much occurs with ascension in such a volatile, unsteady, and sporadic way. We are simply trying to adjust and conform to the planetary supports that will be arriving for us in 2012.

At soul levels, we are planning this transition with intricate detail, even though it may not appear so. We want to make sure that enough of the masses are on board…thus, the waiting, unsteady, and sporadic process that unfolds. We are implementing a process that needs to “fit” into what is transpiring through free will, thus allowing the process to unfold in a variety of ways, all according to the desire of the souls who are here on the planet right now. Barack Obama was destined to be the president of the US at this particular time during the Shift of the Ages. This is why he moved into position so quickly, as he needed to be there at a particular time. He will serve to hold much together through an energetic web, or grid comprised of the whole, which will create a needed stability during the most crucial and challenging phases of the fall. Perfectly planned at soul levels, his term will expire at the point of the new reality in 2012. He knows exactly what he is doing.

More information about critical masses and timelines can be found further along in this Questions & Answers section.

I have starting to read your new book, but I would like some clarification. Are the new children arriving on this planet (indigos and crystals) new to this planet? In other words, is it the first time they have incarnated on this planet? Are they advanced souls OR new souls who just haven't experienced life on Earth yet? Another way to put it, are they new young souls or just new to this planet? I hope this makes sense!

It makes perfect sense. They are most certainly highly evolved souls who vibrate much higher than what we are used to. These new souls come from far, far away in the cosmos. When I connect with their energy and where they come from, I get so emotional it can be difficult to write! A very short explanation is this: The planet earth is in the process of entering a very new universe…a universe that it has not existed within before. We are most certainly evolving, which gains us access to a higher rung on the ladder of energetic hierarchies. The new children come from the new universe. For them, it is a bit of a step downward in vibration to be here now, and this is why they have such difficulty adjusting here in the beginning.

My new twin grandbabies are so very sensitive that their early months were quite a challenge with food, the environment, and such. But these new souls (and there will be another new group arriving in 2012) are here to support the planet with its’ evolutionary process, and thus, will serve to hold a new grid of energy that represents our new universe. They come from a place where we have never been before as a planet. We are truly honored to have them here now, and this is why they are arriving in droves and with an epidemic of twin births. We need as many as possible here for these remaining years of the transition.

I live in a townhouse with a very small garden in a city (Austin, Texas) and I haven't seen the messages, signs or synchronicities to move though I really do yearn to live in a small community with like-minded individuals. For this reason, I am concerned about my food supplies even though I am at peace that everything is in perfect divine order. What advice do you give to people who live in the cities regarding how to live through the fall in the upcoming years?

One key element in experiencing the fall with ease, is being in a community that takes pride in itself, and thus, will come together when needed. There was a vast difference in this way between Hurricane Katrina in the south of the US, and the fires in the San Diego area of southern California. San Diego had so much help and resources coming from within, that there was an overabundance. In this way, some larger metropolitan areas will do fine.

Smaller communities can exist within bigger communities as well, and some (actually, many) communities will begin with one individual, expand to two, and so forth, while still remaining very small. It only takes two like-minded individuals to have a community. So if you find yourself feeling alone or in a community that does not seem to be able to come together, or is simply not yet ready or perhaps does not resonate as you do, you only need find one other individual in sync with you, and you will have a community.

Another option for some, if possible, is to find some acreage and then expand by introducing those you feel comfortable with one by one, and thus, your own community evolves. It’s unfortunate that there are still many out there desiring community, but not enough are quite ready in regard to leaving their dis-connect or ego selves behind. One also has to know who they really and truly are, and what their own special contribution and particular role is, and stick to that, while allowing others to do the same, thus comprising all elements of a whole. So until that time arrives, we may still have to wear several hats if our group is small.

3. I first read Stepping Into the New Reality. After that I read Ascension Primer. I got confused by you mentioning a few different times where we reached the critical mass. Can you tell me when critical masses were reached, how it works after the energy shifts we went through, which 'theme' they had/what they were about/what was reached/what did the critical mass reach? And how long will it take to reach ALL critical masses we need to finally be ready with all of us?

I cannot really go through each and every shift, as I do not remember that many years of them. It can indeed, be very confusing. To help explain, we can liken the process to a large forest of small and large lower vibrating trees. Say that each tree in the forest contains a specific theme, or purpose. Perhaps a tree containing the energy theme of “deservability” was activated, or in other words a shift occurred designed to activate that particular theme (the vibration of the planets and their positioning greatly serves to assist). Everyone on the planet would then be affected with this theme, designed to result in a new vibration or balance within everyone in regard to “deserving.” Some trees carried themes that could not exist in a higher vibrating reality, and others carried themes that needed to remain, but needed to be brought up to a higher level in order to be in alignment with the New Planet Earth.

At first, when the process began to rev up, as it did in 2000, only the smaller individual trees were affected. After each tree had affected enough of the whole, a small critical mass was reached, and that particular theme was then either purged or balanced for the entire forest. Eventually, many trees were gone either through purging or releasing, or arriving at a healthy balance. This would then bring the forest up into a higher vibration, one small tree at a time through many small critical masses being reached.

It was then time for the larger trees to be affected, as the smaller trees began a domino or snowball effect, leaving fewer trees left to shift on their own. The smaller trees created a sort of massive sweep, taking other trees with them. The larger trees contained the “bigger” energies, or rather what comprised specific energies that were to remain…the root energies or what remains after much density is gone. Eventually, the forest will only contain a very few large, ancient, and massive trees. This is part of returning to Source and part of purging and releasing all the denser aspects of our old reality within and without.

Eventually, there are not so many critical masses to be reached. For example: Currently, “opinions” are very prevalent on the planet. Opinions derive from a filtered source. They come from a source that “sees” things through a specific filter, so in this way, there can be many varying ways to become God or Source, or may ways to vibrate higher, even though each way is striving to get to the same place. As we evolve, we lose the filters, and eventually we all see things in the same way, as Source, or God, is very simple and contains only one true reality which is the reality of love.

You ask for a timeline. The beauty of the process is that as we evolve higher, what is contained within the current vibratory reality naturally gets swept up and becomes it. In this way, a critical mass will affect the rest of the whole. So then, the process evolves exponentially and much quicker once we begin reaching the higher states of living and being. The timeline is entirely up to personal choice, but know as well that many of us here are watching things very closely at soul levels and making sure that the process interacts with regular planetary alignments and such. And when not enough is progressing on schedule, natural disasters and other significant events take place to push the process along accordingly. On the same note, at times things are adjusted as well so that enough of the whole can be embraced, thus ensuring that everyone who wishes to can be on board. This involves a slowing down of the process. It is certainly a see-saw process and can change at any given moment!

The critical masses reached are all relevant to where we are in the process. And in addition, there are some at certain rungs of the vibratory ladder, and others at different rungs. When souls are done holding the space at one rung, they are done because a critical mass has been reached. They are then free to move onto the next rung. This is why our individual roles can change at times.

4. Since we are now creating much more easily with less interference and we are becoming more powerful conscious creators does it mean that tools like numerology, feng shui and space clearing are not needed anymore? Does this mean that tools which might have been supporting us to create our reality more easily in the past will become less and less needed since we are now running the show?

Yes, yes, and absolutely yes! We eventually become the tools ourselves. I have not used tools for many years. In lower vibrating realities, we tend to want to look outside of ourselves for guidance and supports. As we begin to vibrate higher, we embody more higher vibrating energy within, and thus, can dispense with any tools. This applies to our “guides” as well. We either upgrade to new guides, or eventually, have none. Guides and tools are simply aspects of ourselves, and once we evolve into those aspects, we no longer need them. In addition, any “clearing” absolutely becomes obsolete as we now vibrate so high naturally, that any energies we may desire to clear cannot reach where we are…they exist in an entirely different reality.

One area of creation I have been focusing a lot on is wealth (together with health and happiness). I have a deep desire to be very wealthy so that I can enjoy an easy comfortable life, easily travel to beautiful countries, take courses that might be of interest to me anywhere around the world and have a wonderful home with a large garden. Are these kind of creations and desires a good match to the New Reality or are they based on the old 3D reality?

We can always create whatever we choose, but after we begin evolving, our desires do too. Many times with the ascension process, just before we manifest something we thought we wanted, we vibrate higher and what we thought we wanted, we no longer desire. Whatever reality you are currently in, is the one that is right for you until you evolve out of it.

5. I recently began to have stomach issues in June ( letting go, purging) and eventually lead to anxiety attacks. I had been planning a relocation to NC and all fell into place without my meddling. I was to move by the end of September. When I got there everything I had thought was "all ducks in a row" suddenly weren't there, and I was the "fish out of water." I had been there many times before and absolutely loved it and felt so connected. Now, all that felt gone.

What I found was a great divide here as well, even in the spirituality community. It was exactly what I had wanted to leave back north and so I found myself not fitting in the new and not able to fit into the old. I wanted my "sanctuary" which I now had none! I do not understand if we are on this ascension process together, then how come there is so much that seems to be getting worse? I have looked within myself to see what I can change within but I truly no longer have a sense of where I am to be or what I am to offer. I am not alone. I know friends are going through this as well.

I am an analyzer by my very nature. I weigh it out. I know there are no greener pastures outside of us and all we seek is truly within. The world is changing quickly. Services that I once loved to offer, now seem obsolete. Friends I love now seem to have grown apart. So as we live through the changing chaos and know we are supported, and not reach out to others as we did in the past, what exactly is our role in this great divide and fall?

Ahh, the beauty of the soul is that I already have the answers within, don't I Karen? Thank you.

I am so glad that you have asked these questions, as we have most recently arrived in a very new space as of the latter part of October, 2008, and you described the manifestations of it so accurately.

To address your situation: Anxiety attacks easily and frequently occur when we are no longer in the higher vibration on the outside that we are on the inside. Depression is a common occurrence as well when our outside manifestations are so out of alignment with where we are now vibrating on the inside. Oh, how challenging the ascension process can be! The mis-match can be horrendous at times and really throw us off kilter creating an internal compass that has lost its’ direction.

Because the latter part of October (and really, very slowly in the months leading up to then as well) thrust us yet again into a very new space, there was much that no longer fit. In addition, we had reached a very pivotal point on the planet, had brought enough of the old or old reality up to where we once were, and our prior roles were very suddenly over and done with.

This was a massive phase that was now complete. The roles and the energy we had infused into the planet since roughly 2000, were now no longer needed. So then, the critical mass has now reached the energy space that we had been holding for so long. This created a sudden dis-connect for many of us. We were now done with what we had been doing for so long. Our prior roles were now done and over.

This permanent and complete dis-connect could be felt as feelings of worthlessness, confusion, feeling lost, feeling invalidated and unappreciated, and perhaps feeling now useless. But you can see why this would be so, as the space we had been holding for so long, was now over.

We may have found ourselves now asking, “Who am I now? What in the world am I supposed to be doing? Does anyone care? Does anyone even know that I am alive? Was all the work I have done up until in vain? Did it even make a difference? Things are still so very ugly and dark, will things EVER get better? What in the world is going on and where am I supposed to be? How will I now survive?” Or perhaps, “Why am I being treated so disrespectfully, why am I being ignored, and why is no one hearing me or remotely understanding what I am saying?”

During this most recent shift, we also had to reclaim any parts of ourselves that we had put “out there.” We had to reel back in all of ourselves, everywhere we had placed ourselves, and much else. In this way, we really began to pull back and remove ourselves from much of everything. This is why is was now time for me to stop writing the energy alerts after seven years. For me, I had also gotten to a point over the past year where I could not feel the shifts anymore, as I was too far removed from them. I honestly held out as long as I could, but the writing was on the wall, as I am sure it was for many others. These old roles of assisting and placing our energy out there to support the shift are now most certainly over. And they are over because they are no longer needed as we have reached a new plateau in our evolutionary process as a whole.

By the time you arrived in NC, you were then vibrating higher than you were when you visited in times past. Thus, it was no longer a fit. It was not then, the “new.” It was very much the old. You had then successfully evolved beyond much of everything.

So now what? Where are our sanctuaries? Is there anywhere left to go? Here is the current situation: We began or opened up a new rung on the ascension ladder in years past. We were thus far beyond most others. Because we were holding the space until enough of the masses caught up, we were to stay on that rung until this point had been reached. The point has now been reached, but we are still on the same rung. This can manifest as feeling that there is nowhere left to go, that we are being boxed in on all sides by lower vibrating energies, that everything out there is ugly, very dark, and certainly repulsive to what we know and where we are, and the like. It is like a reformed smoker having to stay in a room full of smoke and people smoking 24/7! And the “smokers” are exhibiting very dis-respectful behavior as well.

We have evolved beyond our current rung and we want out…now. It can feel as though it is absolutely killing us. This situation can cause depression, and you may wonder if you need to get professional help. You may wonder if you have indeed gone backwards, to years past. You may feel like you are living in a strange world that does not remotely fit you, or that you have been perhaps placed in hell instead of heaven. After all, aren’t things supposed to get better and better?

And when we are in what feel like and what most certainly seems like intense darkness, it can be very difficult to “see” at all. All we can seemingly see is what is right in front of us, or basically, the darkness we find ourselves now residing in with nowhere left to go. A close girlfriend of mine was shown a vision recently. She was looking down at the ground, when right in front of her was an enormous tree full of beautiful apples! We need to find a way to “look up,” to see the possibilities, and to trust that all will be good again.

Our longevity and endurance is most certainly being tested. Perhaps we have finally had enough, and now we do not even seem to know who we are or what our purpose is. “What was it all for?”, we may wonder.

And at the same time, we may be hearing from others that they are feeling great and things are good. This is because they are now on the ascension rung that we have created for them. They have moved up, but we are still here. Ouch!

So here is the “now what”: Very slowly, we will begin to re-connect to things very new. Yes, this re-connection process has been going on for several months, and we may have thought we had already re-connected to the new, but not really. Some have, but again, they are on a different rung of the ladder. The year of new beginnings will actually be in 2009 instead of 2008. Many of our predictions were actually a year off, but this is because we always want to put things off in order for as many as possible to have the opportunity to be on board. The dis-connect we may feel…the feelings of being useless with nothing to offer, are really validations that a new beginning is right on the near horizon. It is because we are done with the old. So then, a “new” is the only possible scenario that can unfold.

Our new roles will not involve holding up the old, saving anyone, or even holding a higher vibrating space. They will involve a space of no connecting energy, as each and every entity will now survive through its’ own connection to source, while at the same time interacting with others. Our new roles will involve what comes very naturally to us. It is what we do effortlessly and what we know the most about. These roles will involve what we will now find ourselves relating to once we reach our very new rung. We will not be “reaching out to others” as you so eloquently put it. We have now learned to stay put, to stay in our center, and to wait until others are “ready” and asking for our assistance. Those who are ready will arrive and ask. And it is then that we will be “seen,” respected, and revered.

Very slowly, we will begin to see a new light. We will begin to see the door open to our next rung on the ascension ladder, if only a small crack at a time. We will move closer to some things and completely drop others. I recently dis-connected from almost everything that I had been moving towards and have begun reconnecting to things totally different. The little pieces will begin to arrive. There will be new geographical locations opening up for us that one might never have expected (and some will be large metropolitan areas that can be self-sufficient). We will find ourselves in new roles, in new places, and with new people. We will have a new president here in the US. All this will be ready to roll by January of 2009, the year of new beginnings. Just hold on if you can, as the tide will eventually turn….if we are not too discouraged and still willing to be a part of it!

6. I'm having trouble picturing the "dimensional border." Is it an actual geographical place? If not, how can you know when you're residing there? Would it be correct to say that it is just a place where you feel blissful while still interacting somewhat with the lower vibrating reality?

Yes to your last question, but the border is outside of your blissful place. It can be an actual geographical space as well.

In times past, there were higher vibrating places on the planet (or blissful places) that many were drawn to, such as Sedona, Arizona and the like. Now many of these places have become contaminated, and they are also vibrating much the same way as the remainder of the planet, as we have “bumped up” so much in recent years. In this way, we need find our own personal sanctuaries of higher vibrating space. I have a place here in my area on a small mesa that vibrates very high, is basically a community of angels, and a place that is untouched by the rest of the planet. It is very hidden and protected, and is very small and surrounded by a much lower vibrating energy. If I were to leave this space of my own personal heaven, I would need to go down a few rungs on the vibrational ladder, and this would place me on the dimensional border.

The dimensional border resides in between the lower and higher vibrating energies, or dimensions. When we communicate with a higher vibrating non-physical entity, such as an angel, the angel has to drop down to a different level, and we have to rise up to a different level. For the angel, it is then on the dimensional border, as are we. As we are now becoming angels of the earth, we will need to drop down to a lower vibration when we interact with others we are assisting, but we cannot stay there for long. It is far too stressful there and will only serve to throw us off balance. In this way, we do not want to be in the lower dimensions for long, or even on the border for long.

The border is the highest rung on the ladder of the lower dimensions. So then, we can have our store-fronts there, as folks who are residing on the border will be those who are “ready” or who have asked for assistance and are then open and willing to “see” us and ask for any higher vibrating guidance and supports we may have to offer. When we drop down into the old world or lower vibrating realities, we are not seen or noticed, respected, valued, or revered. It can feel very heavy there, like quicksand, very ugly, repulsive, make one want to cry out in pain, and flee. It can be nearly impossible to comprehend or understand what is going on there. And many times we are literally kicked out of those realities as we no longer belong there. We are just vibrating too high and must then create a new life in a higher vibrating space away from the old.

You will know when you are in the lower dimensions because you will experience what is described in the paragraph above. And you will know when you are in your blissful space, or higher vibrating dimension because you will experience a feeling of no burdens, lightness, freedom, peace, and bliss. One can assist in arriving in this space by letting go.
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