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The End Of The Road

By:Michelle Eloff channelling Lord Kuthumi
Date: Sun,30 Nov 2008

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I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom, to greet thee at this time to bring unto each of you the blessings of grace, the blessings of tranquillity, of peace and wholeness with peaceful accordance. And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with each of you upon this day, as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely in the hands of God.

Sisters in this time of immense change, people are finding themselves in situations that appear to be contradicting the original plans and teachings presented by beings of the past, the beings we refer to are those of an incarnate nature, such as priests, ministers, reverends, teachers within the educational system, including parents and society, all of which have been influenced by texts written some time ago. This cycle of accelerated growth is as a result of the ascension waves being presented to humanity. This means one has to be aware of when a cycle of energy ends and when a learning experience is still to continue for a time to come. One of the greatest lessons for humanity during this ascension stage of evolution is to let go.

Relationships are where one learns one's most important lessons in interacting with other souls, it is also where one plays out one's addictions and co-dependant relationships can keep one in a cycle of pain and suffering for lifetimes. This is aggravated by certain structures of religion which condemn those who choose to leave a relationship. The belief system is that no man can pull apart that which God has brought together and blessed. God blesses relationships of light and no person is required by Mother/Father God to remain in a destructive relationship. Mother/Father God would never insist anyone be subjected to years or lifetimes of physical, mental, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse. In this time of empowerment, it becomes your responsibility to learn when to let go, in other words to recognize the end of the road.

In the past humanity was taught to "stand by your man" or "stand by your woman", more so though to stand by your man, for it is in general, women who stay in abusive situations rather than men, let me repeat "in general".

Now as the Goddess energy becomes more empowered it is coming to light that people are realizing that any destructive habit can be healed. Let us look at intimate relationships - romantic relationships, which result in marriage sometimes, but in your modern time, marriage is not as trendy as it used to be. A person believes the person they are with is a lifelong commitment, however within the relationship there are problems, and one party takes it upon himself or herself to do everything within his or her power to rectify the problem, yet the other partner makes no effort, but will continue to aggravate the situation by blaming, by behaviour that brings down the energy of the relationship. Eventually the time comes when a person must make a choice, either they will continue to invest energy in a one sided relationship, a relationship that is filled with abuse, because the partner choosing not to do anything about the problem is abusing the other partner. If the person decides to remain within the relationship and make it work, the other partner must then make a choice, either to change or to leave. If both parties choose, consciously or unconsciously to live as they have been, then they can expect the same results to continue for the duration of their relationship and their lifetime, unless their souls manifest a situation that will cause both parties to address their lives more seriously. Sometimes the lesson is for the souls within the relationship to make the choice to end the pain, to address issues revolving around self-worth and deservability, and to look at issues around their belief systems regarding commitments to relationships. Self-worth can be a great factor in keeping one involved in an abusive or destructive relationship. Many times individuals believe they will not do any better than what they have done, because they don't deserve any better. This belief system is often amplified by their partner, especially if their partner is the abuser.

Then we can look at the relationships between parents and children. Many parents believe they can only let go of their children when they are married or when they leave home, but in fact this role begins a lot earlier. "Conscious Parents" become aware of the phases of emotional and mental development and maturity within their children and as they mature, so more and more responsibility should be handed over to the child, regarding age appropriate choices and responsibilities. As the child builds self-confidence and self-worth so their responsibilities grow, just like each of you, as you overcome challenges and obstacles and grow spiritually becoming emotionally and mentally more mature, you are given extra responsibility, your awareness expands and you take on more responsibility because you are in a position to take it on. Giving a child responsibility tells the child you trust him or her, you are telling the child that you value him or her enough to entrust him or her with decisions of an age appropriate nature regarding their life, choices, which will affect their life, this is how you teach a child to become self-empowered and develop a healthy sense of self-worth.

Self-worth is damaged when parents do not entrust their children with the ability to make choices and decisions. Why do you think teenagers rebel the way they do? Because at that time of their life they are coming into their power in a much stronger way than their pre-teens and they are capable of making many choices at that age. Parents do not let go, and hold on with all their might to their little child, still believing the child does not have the power to make a choice. The parent does not let go of the child and allow him or her to grow, the child then becomes attached to anger and frustration. This gives rise to feelings of being misunderstood, unacknowledged of not been heard and the child retaliates to any form of discipline, they then might indulge in alcohol or drugs, even sexual promiscuity. Many of these situations can be avoided simply by parents letting go a little at a time at exactly the right time. This is why parents must become conscious and be aware of each child's development as an individual, not all children develop the same way. Therefore, parents must see their children as individual souls with unique, precious personalities, characteristics, and preferences regarding the nature of their life.

As a parent realizes the child's role in its life, it becomes easier and easier to allow a child's wings to grow, so that when the child reaches its emotional maturity at the end of its teens for that particular cycle of emotional maturity the child, now young adult, can step into his or her pre twenties with confidence and faith in their ability to tackle whatever comes their way in their life ahead of them. As the challenges and obstacles of their early twenties come their way, the child is then in a position to address certain issues in a more mature manner. The child is then able to understand their feelings and emotions and therefore, let go of what does not serve them, be it a relationship, a job, a place. These young adults will confide in their parents because they trust their parents ability to trust in them and even though they are responsible for their own life they will be able to safely ask for assistance and guidance from their earth guardians - in other words their earth parents, and continue to mature and evolve as young adults into more mature adults.

Great dysfunction has emerged as a result of humanity's current inability to let go at the right time. Parents see it all the time, the child changes, becoming more independent, a child at the age of 12 months displays a level of independence which challenges the parent to let go, at the age of 2, 3, 4, 5 all of those ages the child will pull away more and more from the parent, not because it does not love the parent, and this is a problem area for many people, the child is simply exploring its power and its inner knowing regarding its independence. People become upset because they interpret the end of a cycle as a personal rejection. This shows you the level of emotional maturity the majority of humanity is at, the ego will react to the end of the cycle, the soul knows it is the end of a cycle.

When you are standing in your power as the soul you accept the end of a cycle, because you know something new is beginning. This may not eliminate emotional feelings of sadness, but you will be able to overcome it because you know it is inevitable. When the inevitable is rejected the discomfort is intensified until eventually one cannot live like that anymore, or a third party enters the relationship and the partner has an affair or, the child gets involved in drugs and alcohol and runs away from home. Standing in the power of your soul is the kindest and most powerful thing you can do for yourself, then you are empowered, then you are able to stare truth in its face and accept it. Denial aggravates situations, denial is what keeps one in patterns of destructive behaviour and relationships. The truth may initially be uncomfortable, but rather that than the long term discomfort of denial. Humanity has been taught not to hurt other people's feelings, this however has been misinterpreted so people hold onto false situations out of fear of hurting another person's feelings. However, when one holds onto a situation that has passed its so called "sell by date", one is not only depriving ones self of their future, you are also depriving the person or other people of their future.

Can you see how vast the negative ripple effect of denial is? It touches not only your life, but every other persons life.

As a child matures emotionally and mentally, they become stronger. This should in fact empower the parent for they should see their child's maturing as a reflection of their ability to nurture that maturing process, therefore, their own maturing process.

When a young child refuses certain foods, the child does not want it because its body has no desire for it, if a child is full and pushes a plate, or a spoon away this indicates it has had enough, it is the end of that particular cycle, no more food! When food is shoved down a child's throat because a parent interprets the situation differently and insists the child eats more food, the child is being taught - you have to swallow more than you actually need. You must be forced to take on more than you want, and they have no say in the matter.

Letting young children choose the clothes they will wear for the day, choosing to put their socks and shoes on themselves, choosing activities for the day, if it is a family day all builds healthy self esteem and a healthy family bond, and this will help children in the future to let go, because instinctively they will know when something is over and there will be no desire in them to hold on, because they themselves are complete and whole and see themselves as worthy beings, and their level of self-respect will automatically put them in a position to be able to let go.

Now I said earlier on that people generally take this process as a personal rejection, this is known later on in life as the 'empty nest' syndrome. I also said earlier on that relationships are the place where a person plays out their addictions and co-dependency. When a mother has spent most of her life raising her children, involving herself purely in her children's lives and suddenly they leave the home within perhaps a period of two or four years, suddenly she is left with no one to take care of, no one to run after, this can leave her feeling disempowered, disorientated, unworthy, unneeded and she may sink into depression. Therefore, let us suggest at this time to any woman who is leading up to that particular time, and women whose children are still young, do yourself and your children a favour and put time aside for yourself, nurture yourself, involve yourself in tasks, projects, and experiences that will feed your energy too. This will prepare you for the time when children leave home. This will also develop a sense of independence, so that if a partner passes away, you still have a sense of independence and self-empowerment. Any relationship that is built purely on co-dependant behaviour is very dangerous, especially for the person left behind in the case of death. We will not go into the death of a child, because that is a very difficult experience, regardless of one's level of spirituality, emotional or mental maturity. We would rather address more common challenges regarding endings or new beginnings.

In life you have natural cycles, every 7 years you undergo a particular cycle of healing related to the first 7 years of development you experienced in life. You go through a 9 year cycle, this is more related to your numerological cycle and each year in itself has a meaning and a process, which one must complete, and every 10 years one undergoes emotional transformations. The 7 year cycle will reflect the first 7 years of your life, therefore, from the age of 8 to 14 you will live out your first year of life repeated/reflected in your 8th year of life, your 2nd year of life repeated/reflected in your 9th year, your 3rd year of life repeated/reflected in your 10th year and so it goes on. At the age of 15 you will live out what happened in your 1st year of your life and your 8th year of life, therefore, if there are unresolved issues in your first year or your 8th year at the age of 15 it will come out for review - if it is not resolved at the age of 15 you will have to review it again, perhaps at the age of 22. Every 7 years the cycle repeats itself. This is a very good method to utilize if a person cannot recall their childhood - keep on multiplying it by 7 and you will get an idea of what underlying issues they are dealing with related either to their first 7 year cycle or their second 7 year cycle, and so on and so forth.

The 9 year cycle on a numerological level is related more to universal influence. In the first 9 years, the first universal cycle takes place, the 9th year is the year of endings, completion and sometimes a child experiences great changes in their 9th year and in modern times more and more children are entering puberty at the age of 9. It may not be evident physically at that stage, however chemically it is evident, therefore, parents should be more conscious of this event from the age of 9, it will explain a lot of the child's behaviour from that age.

I suggest to all of you to study or at least research numerology to understand the 9 year cycles, what you usually are faced with in a personal year cycle one, a personal year cycle two, three, four and all the way through to nine. When you have this understanding beloved ones, you will be equipped with the knowledge to recognize what is coming to an end, what is beginning, and what is in the process of moving towards the end of a cycle. All these tools are at your disposal for a reason, they are there to empower you - knowledge is empowering! There is no use walking through life surrounded by tons and tons of information yet no energy is invested in acquiring the knowledge and the power within the information. Getting to know yourself, motivates you to learn more about the world you live in and how it influences you. Now the 10 year cycle is more of an emotional one, therefore, every 10 years one goes through quite an intense emotional transformation, now this is usually quite important, bearing in mind that at the age of 9 or 19 or 29, 39, 49 and so on, you are coming to an end in itself. The 9 year cycle will not work the same, however as you enter a new cycle, from 10 to 20, 20 to 30, 30 to 40, you are dealing with a whole new vibration of energy.

You have all been teenagers before, you know what it was like to live from the age of 10 to 20, the emotional and mental turmoil that takes place during that time in your life, it becomes easier as the world becomes more knowledgeable and empowered, therefore the children who are very young now, and those coming into the world, will have a better time as the cycles change. The Indigo's and one's such as yourself probably had it the most difficult in that particular time of your years. From 20 to 30 it is also a time of one discovering one's self and where one fits into the world beyond school and home and the safe space of those environments. One is making a mark in the world, finding roots. From the age of 27 to the age of 31 there is a cycle referred to as the first Saturn return, this is a very, very important time in every person's life. In general it tends to manifest most in people's lives from the age of 29 to 31 and this of course is the bridging point from the 20's to the 30's. During that time people experience dramatic changes, such as marriage, or divorce, the birth of a child, a great change in career, perhaps moving to another town or country, they are dramatic changes. Such changes,also take place in what is known as 'mid-life crisis', that is often the time of the second Saturn return. So you see beloved ones - there is great power in understanding the cycles and the being able to recognize "the end of the road".

Women have natural cycles in their menstrual flow, every 25 - 28 days a woman enters a new cycle. The time of menstruation is in fact the most powerful psychic time in her cycle. During that time she can invoke as well as evoke tremendous power in the form of energy, light and motivation. She can banish from her life any darkness and she can bring into her life as much light as she requires. There are also the cycles of the maiden, the mother and the crone. Nurturing young virgins (maidens) is very important, for during that cycle she is at her most vulnerable and also at her purest energetically. It is usually during that time, the young maiden is taught the powers she will embrace as a mother and eventually as a crone.

A woman who has become sexually active and in preparation for her body to carry a child is also a very sacred time, for she is tapping into energies of an earthly cosmic nature, which bring into her space and her being the energy of the being she is carrying. A sexually active woman has access to the powers of the goddesses, which open portals of energy, which brought into the world tremendous life, which was also able to open up portals to release energy that was no longer required, the energy of old cycles was automatically transmuted into the light.

The crone is the wise woman who has completed her cycles of menstruation and who has merged with Mother moon and no longer has to shed blood to remind herself of her womanhood of her goddesshood. When the wise woman merges with the Mother Moon she has access to the universal goddess principles, for she has integrated her maiden, she has integrated her mother and now she stands as the wise woman, and this is when she is at her most powerful to teach and to nurture the virgins and the mothers and the goddesses who are in training to become wise women. It is usually during that time, the 3rd phase of life cycle that most women come to be at peace with their body, they become at peace with their lives, they are not so hurried and perturbed by what society thinks of them or what society expects from them, therefore our message to the wise women of your world is to embrace the virgins, embrace the young mothers and mothers to be, women who are sexually active, but not mothers yet, embrace them, and show them what they are walking toward. May the wise women be the leaders of the virgins, may they be the leaders of the women coming into the womb. These cycles are more important than you realize for your existence, for this is the power of the goddess. Men have similar cycles, however theirs is more of an external doing nature, men go through their initiations of moving from being a young boy to becoming a hunter to becoming a man who can provide for his family. In modern times this is sometimes depicted by the man's ability to withstand large volumes of alcohol, that is some of the initiations we have observed. For others it is physically going out to hunt for an animal, slaughtering that animal themselves. This is not limited to indigenous people, this also happens in western countries of white and black colours.

All of these rites of passage are connected to cycles, yet those cycles of the more western world are also coming to an end, now the rights of passage are becoming more orientated to nature again. Many men are taken into their initiation by being brought together with a woman of the world - so to speak. Their first sexual experience is one of unconnected emotional sex - what does this teach a man? Do you see this sisters? Mothers are responsible as much as fathers are to teach their sons to honour and value the goddess and her cycles. It is also important for mothers and fathers to teach their daughters of the cycles of life, of the universe, the cosmos, the solar system, and of nature so that every cycle can be utilized to its fullest so it can be honoured and celebrated in its coming and in its passing.

Some people may say that these are simply paganistic rituals, yes, they are, paganistic is simply a label that has been given to the practice of honouring Mother-Father God - the expression of Mother-Father God in the earth, in nature, in the animal kingdom and every other kingdom of life that shares in it, as well as Mother-Father God, as you know in the heavens, the stars, the galaxies and all the systems that you don't see with your bare eye. That cycle of judging is also at its end. This is bringing the entirety of humanity into a great change.

Now 2010 is the key time for this emotional shift for humanity. By the year 2010 there will have been a great deal of emotional maturity taken place for humanity, remember what we said about the 10 year cycles, you understand? Now as these cycles are integrated in a conscious manner, each of you who are participating in this energy today, and those who will come to read these words will find a deeper level of self-awareness and general awareness of the world around you taking root in your being. You will find that the natural sense to integrate and release will become a part of you because you will have reconnected yourself and with that inherent instinct to know when something is over.

Now sisters, are there any questions that I can assist any of you in?

Question : inaudible

Kuthumi: Sister this is a very, very important question that you have asked, in such relationships when one is conscious as you have said, one needs to ask the right questions, questions of ones self. First of all you will have the knowledge there is a lesson to be learnt, if you feel there is still more to be learnt, you need to honour your instinct, then ask spirit for their intervention and to bring to light, or to bring into the fore of your relationship exactly what the underlying issues are that need attention. Communication is one of the most important tools in any relationship, and when partners do not communicate, an under current manifests. When one asks spirit to highlight these areas it is important then to take action the moment you recognize an issue being highlighted, one can discuss this with oneself in the form of introspection and searching ones ego, one can confide in a very close friend and go through the process with them to be clear in the self and then one must address the situation with one's partner. I already mentioned, if the other partner is not willing to address the situation then it is the other partner's choice to either remain in a one sided relationship or to actually step back, and the process of stepping back or out of the relationship may be what the other partner needs to actually get them into action and get them into the process of participating in the relationship, this means the relationship may very well become reunited, you understand?

In communicating in a relationship one will also realize when it has come to an end for both parties, if two partners are sharing a life together, yet their interests are of two totally different natures, and they are not spending any time together then they need to ask one another, what is the point of their relationship or what is the purpose of their relationship? In discussing and communicating this, both partners may realize, that it is in fact the end of the road, you understand?

Let us also add at this point, where children are involved in such a relationship, many women make a choice to stay with the father for the sake of the children, we do not always advise this, I'll tell you why. If the relationship is an empty one the children will sense it, they will be aware of the lack of affection between the parents, they will be aware of the lack of communication between their parents. This means the example that is being set, is that it is acceptable, and because it is the norm, as perceived by the children, to be in a relationship that lacks intimacy, that lacks communication, and you do not have to have a connection to be together. This goes even further into more abusive situations which are more destructive for the child or the children's futures. Do you understand? Sometimes it is better for the mother or the father, depending on where the dysfunction lies to take the children and leave, this shows the children that an empty dysfunctional relationship is not the norm and that it is safe to end a union where it does not serve the greater good of all. Many people will argue this and say it is better to stay together for the children's sake to give them a stable home environment, but is it emotionally stable? Is it energetically stable? Do you know how many children have voiced their secret desire for their parents to actually get divorced, because it is so uncomfortable to live in an environment where the parents do not connect. This is a fact beloved ones, so think of your children as sensitive beings who sense the underlying currents. If your relationship is a stable and intimate one, do not be afraid to display affection in front of your children with your partner, is this clear?

Q. Is this the second Saturn return and at what age?

Kuthumi. This is often during the age of the so called "mid-life crisis", anytime from the age of 47 and 52, it is coming a bit earlier and we have seen some people experiencing this as young as the age of 43 and 44, but generally 47 to 52 sometimes 53, is this clear?

Q Yes, thank you, is there a third Saturn return as well?

Kuthumi: There is, but usually people are not in the state of being to do anything about that. Hopefully in your case you will be very aware of your third Saturn return, which is usually from ...... the 70's to the 80's. Perhaps some of you will be bungi jumping from that age? Yes? That is the time when one is totally free of all aspects of karma - this is what the native American Indian people were very much in touch with, and it was the elders in fact that raised the children, did you know this?

For they were fully in touch with the golden principles of life on the earth plain and the universal plains, and taught the children these tools, taught them about the cycles within nature, for in that age they were free of their baggage so to speak. Now would it not be an empowering place for the senior citizens of your world to be, instead of having to pay teenagers an astronomical amount to baby sit your children? You could invest this money in senior citizens to embrace the children of your planet and impart their gems of wisdom. Sadly at this time the senior citizens of this time are in deeper pain and turmoil than what they were in their 20's or 30's.

Let us briefly mention at this time there will be coming a cycle very soon, approximately the next 12 to 18 months time where a whole new wave of energy will come forth to empower the senior citizens of your world. You see wisdom is denied in general, too much focus on a material world has become the order of the day, this is reflected in the senior citizens, their wisdom is not acknowledged, they are seen as moody, grumpy old men and women - many of them behave in that way, but it is because they do not feel they have a place in the world. Everything is focused on the young and the restless, the wild and the wicked, the weird and the wonderful, fast cars, fast lives, materialism. Senior citizens have the wisdom, they have the experience that younger generations as yet do not have, regarding earth and her wisdom. It is also a lesson for senior citizens to embrace the new energy and to allow themselves to be healed, to release their attachment to ego and to reclaim their power and re-energize their bodies. Their belief system in death and dying is what has caused premature ageing for many of them, the challenge as well is for senior citizens and humanity as a whole, is to release toxic thoughts and their toxic feelings. As a matter of observation, young ones and little ones, as this channel observed for herself very recently, her 13 month old twin boy broke his arm, his bones healed in 7 days. Now how long does it take for an adult's bones to heal? 6-8 weeks? And for an even older bone, perhaps longer, not so? A little child is not conditioned by the toxic thoughts and feelings of older generations, therefore the bones heal, (clicking of fingers) just like that! You understand?

So if you detoxify your system of your conditionings, of those toxic emotions and thoughts, you will rejuvenate yourself, like you did when you were an untainted little child. This is why we have said the 7th dimensional energy of quantum consciousness requires you forget everything you have been taught, forget your conditions, drop it all and emerge like a child! Become like a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven - what is the Kingdom of Heaven? Do you understand the messages of Jesus a little better now?

There is a book available that has every single quote Lord Jesus ever made, we would suggest you obtain this book and ask from the inside the true meaning of his words. That in itself will bring great liberation to your hopes and your lives.

Q. Could you give us more insight as to the changes that person, population and life will be like up to 2005, etc, what can we expect?

Kuthumi. Sister, you are already experiencing a number of these changes, for example, oil coming to its end, and more utilization of free energy, this will become more apparent in your experiences up to 2012, therefore I suggest to all of you to research free energy and begin adapting your lives to utilizing free energy, for mother earth will withhold all oil within a short period of time, she will not give any more, because of the conflict and the lust consciousness it feeds, you understand? Free energy is available, the sun shines bright most of the time, now imagine using solar panels to heat water to heat up your home, you put your water pipes underneath your floors so you have central underfloor heating in your homes if this is a feature you require, therefore heating your homes, this eliminates electrical heaters, you understand? Inaudible

They will be able to then run pipes, for the winter underneath your floors during summer you run it in a different way, is this clear?

Many of Nikola Tesla's inventions are being utilized by people and more and more of this technology is becoming available to humanity. Hybrid cars, they will also be more and more available and the people in the industry have cottoned on to this and they are having to make this available because they can see this is the trend. Watch what people do, see where great industries begin moving toward, because when it moves to the point that large industries are utilizing it, then you must know, there is no holding the energy of reform back. So can you see how the light has penetrated many great industries, you see this sisters? Start growing your own vegetables and fruits, plant nut trees and fruit trees.

By nurturing the gardens, you nurture yourselves and you nurture your body with healthy organic foods, this is very important, and the trend leading up to 2012 is very much around this. Observing the future projection as we speak with you now is certainly steering in the direction of more natural, more organic experiences. You have all worked so hard to bring life to the planet and it is happening. Hemp will become another popular fuel, hemp can be used to make fuel for motorcars as well, it is very strong, it is very durable. Clothing can be made from it, healing products can be made from it, its uses are endless, perhaps you can begin a cannabis farm? Do you see this sister? Is this answering your question?


Kuthumi. Very well.

Kuthumi: Remember, the only reason why it appears to be so bad right now, is because the light is revealing what has being going on all the time, so the light is shining into the darkness, exposing what has been in the darkness for so long. So don't let that illusion, disillusion you.

Part of the healing is being exposed yourself?

Kuthumi: Exactly, it is about standing in the light, standing on your feet, coming out of the closet and saying "this is who I am, this is what I believe" Another person follows your lead, your daughter will follow your lead and so it mushrooms out and becomes more and more the norm, it takes one person to begin a chain of events that can change the world.

Q. What about those ------sitting on the fence?

Kuthumi: Sister, them and their consciousness,will move into a different experience, leading up to 2012 there will be a shift and people will find themselves living a different experience in the sense they'll find themselves being with people who do not create that kind of damage and turmoil. A lot of them will lead the planet, others of them will then be given the chance to rehabilitate. Leading up to 2025, they will all be gone. Does that answer your question?

Gone to ------?

Kuthumi: Yes, they would have left this earth, they would have left their bodies and they will re-incarnate in another appointed world, or they will be given the opportunity to re-incarnate in the world that you are experiencing and then rehabilitate in that manner, by incarnating with conscious parents, conscious people, conscious society, and relearning their skills in that manner. Do you understand? Very well

Anything else before we end this transmission?

What about people who decide to leave the planet by being murdered,..... inaudible?

Kuthumi: Sister, one has more than one method of exit, as a soul one would consider all probabilities, because you are addressing contracts with souls before they incarnate, you will be aware of the fact on a soul level of a possible murder situation so to speak. However, the person taking the life still has the opportunity to choose whether they will do it or not. If they do choose to do it, it will have been in the individuals plan to experience murder as a method of exit, do you understand? So the person being murdered will undergo trauma healing immediately after the situation takes place and the person who murdered will undergo their own process of having to bring into balance, that which was taken. You see it is no more an eye for an eye, you murder, you will be murdered. Do you understand, now it is, if that is the case, you will not be murdered in your next lifetime, in your next lifetime, you will probably find yourself in a situation where you bring life to others. Some of the greatest humanitarians of your planet have in past lives performed such deeds. You understand? So there is no judgement, there simply is always the act of bringing light into darkness, love, where there is a lack of it.

Thank you for the questions you have asked, it has certainly steered our transmission today in a direction which I'm sure will bring clarity for many people.

And so it is then beloved ones that we embrace you in your highest and purest light, we love you and acknowledge you in every aspect of your being regardless of its quality, regardless of its nature, we bless you with all the energy you require on all levels and in every form to see your journey through to completion. Trust in the many invisible arms that hold you and to know that not EVER do you walk alone, for we are all one, we are with you always in all ways. May the light of Mother-Father God shine brightly upon the path before you and may every step you take be a step to God, may you feel safe in the light of Mother-Father God and may their grace be with you in every moment. I am Kuthumi, Lord of Love and Wisdom and I greet and bless you in life. Adonai
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